Not-So-Spooky Halloween Family Portrait Gifts

I love Halloween. And I know I have lots of friends out there who love this fabulous holiday as well. I love how all the colors are coordinated everywhere from the candy to the decorations hanging from the ceiling in Target. I never where orange, but at Halloween I feel like a fashion diva in my pumpkin spice colored sweater. Now chances are you know someone who feels a little (or maybe a whole lot more!) like I do.  And being the fabulous (insert: friend, mother, sister, grandparent, neighbor) you are, you want to blow their socks off this year with a gift that is uniquely them.

Halloween Portraits / Gifts / Family Illustrated Portrait?

Halloween Family Portrait Illustrated, Custom Gift

I've had SO MUCH FUN creating the listing for my Halloween Portraits in my Etsy Shop.  And I would be thrilled to draw the Boo-tiful people in your life in a completely Spook-tacular way!

The hardest part for you will be deciding which STYLE  you'd like. 





Witches & Ghouls

Ordering is easy in my Etsy shop.

1. Choose the number of people (pets count as 1 "person") , size of portrait, and whether you want a digital jpeg file emailed to you or a printed and mailed version from the drop down box. 
(Mailed versions are printed on archival, heavy weight fine art paper and will hold it's integrity for generations to come.)

2. In the "Notes to Seller" box at checkout, please list:
-a. Character STYLE: Witches and Ghouls, Zombies, Frankensteins, Ghosts, Mummies or Pirates)
-b.The NAME or saying you want added (ex. "The McCune's Family). 
- c.PEOPLE to be Illustrated: 
Name, Gender (Breed for Pets), Age, Hair Style and Color, Other details (ex. glasses or facial hair)

Be fully dressed this Halloween with a big Jack-o-Lantern grin as you make your friends squeal with delight when you give them their own Halloween Family Portrait.


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