Custom Illustrated Memorial Portraits - A meaningful Gift

I draw lots of portraits of lots of different kinds of families and individuals. As I review the notes and pictures about each of them I begin to make connections with them. By the end of a portrait I feel like we are friends. In the case of a memorial portrait the journey is even more emotional. Making memorial portraits some of the most meaningful and special portraits I do. It's hard and difficult at times, but some of the most rewarding work I take on.

To commemorate when this little "Honey Bee" would have turned one a friend of their family ordered this portrait and asked that instead of angel wings, she have honey bee wings since she was their "Honey Bee. What a wonderful idea!

This family never had a picture taken of them all together because their 4 year old was not allowed in the NICU during their baby's short life. I'm so glad I could create a family picture for them all together, the way that someday they will be.

Their friend gave them the portrait the weekend that they buried their sweet baby.

Families are Forever.

To remember the 3 miscarriages this sweet mother endured this portrait includes three different charm bracelets, one for each miscarriage. If you didn't know to look for the bracelets, you might not even notice them. Very few may ever know her suffering, but it is their and it is written on her heart.

Sometimes a family member passes away as a child and then more children are born. In that circumstance I'm able to create a portrait including everyone in the family, even those who have passed on. This boy experienced severe disabilities in his few years of life, but his sister who ordered the portrait, requested that he be portrayed wheel-chair and glasses free. She reminded me that he doesn't need those things any more, and so that's how I painted him.

I also often create pet memorials. These three pups all passed away within a few months of each other. What a tender experience it was to capture all of them together in one portrait.

After all, pets are a part of the family too.

This has been an emotional post to write. I don't think I can express adequately how special these experiences have been for me, creating these one of a kind portraits. I do not take the task lightly as I feel that I've been invited in to view the most tender and dear parts of families and individuals lives. I hope that what I do can bring a bit of sunshine into the lives of the individuals who receive these portraits, and I pray that it does.


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