The Perfect Unique, Personal and Darling Wedding Gift to Give this Wedding Season

It's spring and do I dare say it, almost SUMMER! ( I hope!) I'm still sitting through cold and windy soccer games each week, but that's about to change with May starting. Having said that, I've already been to one WEDDING RECEPTION this year and more are on the horizon.

When I heard that a dear friend's oldest daughter was getting married I wanted to find a gift that was JUST RIGHT. Something meaningful and stylish as well. After seeing their DARLING ANNOUNCEMENT photo I knew just what I wanted to give her.

I have sold these in my shop for some time, and they make a great, THOUGHTFUL and MEANINGFUL gift that they will CHERISH for years to come. This gift is guaranteed to not be returned, or to be duplicated!

CUSTOM MESSAGES can be put above or beneath the portrait.

NAMES and their WEDDING DATE are also great to include, but not necessary.

I LOVE creating these portraits!

When an order is placed the client follows the link in their confirmation e mail to a form where they tell me all about the darling people in their portrait and can include PICTURES as well. Those pictures are key in creating an image that really CAPTURES their wedding day.

I always love including the special DRESS details. The FLOWERS, JEWELRY and HAIR are all such a delight to capture on paper in a custom portrait.
Give a gift that you will be EXCITED and THRILLED to give to a special couple this year!
Happy Wedding Season!


  1. The beautiful setting pretty much took care of the event. Not to mention the fact that these guys were flexible in allowing us to really make the experience our own. We still receive compliments from our guests about the Chicago wedding venues, the service and the food.


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