Why Custom Baptism Portraits Are a Great Baptism Gift

For an LDS boy or girl, turning eight is great!  Starting as toddlers in nursery, then as little Sunbeams bouncing out of their seats, and finally as CTR’s proudly wearing adjustable green CTR rings, LDS children learn the importance of being baptized when they turn 8.  A custom baptism portrait is a wonderful way to celebrate that milestone.

Reminder of the Baptismal Covenant

It’s important for baptism gifts to not distract from the importance of the ordinance.  Rather than overshadowing the sacred occasion, custom baptism portraits are a beautiful reminder of what makes that day so special.  

Each portrait includes a summary of the baptism covenant similar to the one found in the Faith in God booklet.  When hung in a child’s room it becomes a lovely way to reflect back on what promises were made the day they were baptized.  


While friends, grandparents, or teachers may want to commemorate a baptism with some sort of gift, common choices such as new scriptures can be prohibitively expensive, especially if there are multiple recipients.  Ink puddles portraits are intentionally priced lower than similar custom artwork on the market to keep them accessible for LDS families.

Completely Personalized

Best of all, baptism pictures are completely customized for the special child in your life.  Baptism portraits feature a color portrait drawn from photos submitted by you of the child and what they wore to be baptized.  Whether it’s a crisp white jumpsuit or a totally unique heirloom dress, Ink Puddles by Karin will recreate it to capture the moment forever.   Portraits also include the child’s name and baptism date.

Being baptized is an important part of each LDS child’s progression.  Custom baptism portraits from Ink Puddles by Karin are a beautiful way to remind someone you love of that special occasion and of the sacred promises made that day.


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