Unique Fall Decoration -- Custom Pumpkin Patch Illustration

Suddenly sweaters are back in fashion, soups have returned to the menu, and your home is begging to be adorned for fall.  Here are a few reasons a Custom Pumpkin Patch Illustration from Ink Puddles by Karin should be part of your fall decorations.  

Treasured Tradition

Few memories are more quintessentially fall than those of heading to the pumpkin patch with friends or family.  These illustrations charmingly capture the old-fashioned fun of scouring the field to find just the right pumpkin for carving.

Touch of Whimsy

Whether your decorating scheme for autumn involves rich-toned floral arrangements and vintage cornucopias or leans more towards bright-colored witches and faux spider webs, there’s always room for a little whimsy.  A Custom Pumpkin Patch illustration is playful enough to display near your dancing Frankenstein doll, but elegant enough to matte and hang in the front entryway.

What Matters Most

While there are lots of pictures of pumpkins out there, a Custom Pumpkin Patch Illustration specifically celebrates the people you care about most.  Each person you include in the print will be depicted as custom pumpkin with their name written underneath.  Intertwining tendrils remind you of the joy that comes from being together and that those you love are truly the pick of life’s patch.

The warm colors and harvest themes of fall decorations help us transition from the excitement of summer to the coziness of winter. Include a Custom Pumpkin Patch Illustration from Ink Puddles by Karin to take your wall's autumn accessories from generic to uniquely yours.


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