Strawberry Lemonade Cake

citrus, strawberries and spring!

 It's finally spring and the park has been calling. So this week I headed to the park to meet a bunch of great friends and celebrate one of their birthdays. So cake was a must!

 This Strawberry Lemonade cake was, well, a piece of cake to make!
 Start with it Lemon cake mix. I used applesauce as a replacement for the oil.  Bake and allow to cool.
 Next you'll want to "poke" holes into the cake and poor strawberry jello all over the top of the cake. Use the jello just after thoroughly mixing it with the water, before it has set. This guarantees and nice, moist cake, and also adds the fun pink swirls you see when you slice into it. Add a thick coating of cool whip and top with your second round cake. Poke holes and add the jello as before.
I used a basic butter cream frosting recipe and added a half package of Strawberry Crystal Light, and 3 drops of pink food coloring to give it the color and the kick. To top it off my 5 year old helped me add starburst jelly beans and lots and lots of sprinkles! Yum!


  1. Just saw this! (Don't know how I missed it over the weekend...) It looks like it turned out delicious!! Everything seems a little more summer-y when lemonade gets involved. Yum!


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