St. Patrick's Day Banner

st. patrick's day clip art
Hey Melissa, I wish that instead of living hundreds of miles apart we were next door neighbors. But since we aren't I just had to show you this cute banner I made some how. Thank goodness for technology!
cameo ideas st. patrick's day

 It's a fabric banner. I used just remnant fleece for the batting. I also made things simpler by just sewing all the layers together with a fun top stitch. (No need to bother with all that right sides together, inside out stuff!) I left a good quarter inch border when I sewed. Afterwards I got out my pinking sheers and gave each pennant a fun edge. So easy and so cute!
st. patrick's day clipart

For all the letters, shapes and shamrocks I used my trusty Silhouette Cameo. LOVE THAT MACHINE!! Before cutting I always iron on some Heat n Bond. This helps keep the fabric stiff enough to cut on my machine, and also, when I'm ready to add it to my projects I simply have to iron it on. If you use the Heat n Bond lite, it's sewing machine friendly so a fun top stitch is always a possibility!
fabric banner
To put it all together I plugged in my hot glue gun, grabbed some twine, green buttons, scrap orange fabric and burlap. The twine holds the pennants in place with a little dab of hot glue and a button on each of the top corners of the pennants. Then just to add some flare I tied on the burlap and scraps of fabric between the pennants. Voila! So scrappy! So happy! So fun!

                                                      Happy St. Patrick's Day Sis!


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