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Blue Raspberry French Vanilla Cupcakes

I LOVE cake. It's probably my favorite food. And I go just gaga for little things. (Why yes, I do have a miniature food baking channel on You Tube which you can subscribe to!) So this is how we arrive at... CUPCAKES. My one true love. You can have your pretty Macarons (which, yes, I will eventually master!) and your Flood Cookies (hello eye-candy!) But the classic cupcake will always be the creme de la creme in my book.

This week our ward celebrated the Relief Society's Annual Birthday Dinner. They were looking for volunteers to decorate tables for the occasion. With the very open theme of "BIRTHDAY" I grabbed my pen and notebook and started scheming. After choosing colors, style, & place settings it was time to think about the CENTER PIECE. 

And what better than an EDIBLE centerpiece!?! And of course I decided on Cupcakes. (You're catching on already!) But they simply had to match the table decor. So I came up with these BLUE RASPBERRY FRENCH VANILLA CUPCAK…

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